Change management strategies that will ensure the success of your digital transformation

Many organizations invest in enterprise technology systems only to realize that they don’t achieve their intended results. Integrating a change management strategy early in your initiative planning will significantly improve the success of your implementation.

Effective change management strategies will help deliver:

  • Active and visible executive sponsorship
  • Faster time to productivity
  • Increased employee and manager engagement and commitment to change
  • Intended value from your enterprise technology investment

Organizational Change Management Services

LT22-3Dots-187x50 Change Readiness Assessment | Identifying potential risks that may affect project execution.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 Sponsor Engagement & Governance | Aligning leaders and establishing governance and communications to  affected stakeholders.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 Communications Management | Implementing a comprehensive strategy to drive creation and delivery of messaging. Tactical execution to drive awareness, understanding and overall adoption.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 Change Impact Assessment | Employing a process to determine how stakeholder groups and individual stakeholders will be affected by implementation.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 Stakeholder Management | Coordinating communication of activities across all parties.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 User Learning and Performance Support | Identifying training requirements, user needs, support tools and measurement to sustain the changes.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 Resistance Management | Understanding and mitigating resistance.
LT22-3Dots-187x50 Change Champion Process | Creating a two-way communication vehicle between project and impacted groups and define appropriate interventions for change.



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